Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mournings and Musings

One part of my life is ending and another is beginning. I'm starting a new life with a new LIFE and a new house and so many other new things that it's all overwhelming at times. I have to let myself mourn a little to that which is ending so that my heart is open to receive the new blessings that will enter. It's hard. I lay awake at night (some due to the pregnancy and some due to the thoughts and dreams and hopes that the future will bring) and try to let things go. At the same time I'm desperate have my books and art supplies unpacked so that I can get to work. I feel pulled in so many ways creative and otherwise.

These images here are the last things I was able to finish before having all of my things packed. I long for my "studio" space at the new house and hope and dream that what I create there will allow me to have a life at home to raise my son. I see so many possibilities and wonder which ones will open doors for me to create this type of life. I'm full (literally and figuratively and creatively and all the other -lys you can think of). I try not to get discouraged when things fall apart but it's said that things fall apart so that others can fall together. I try to keep this in mind.

I suppose in the end things happen as they must and we must learn to let things happen as it will.....

The steampunk altered book is available HERE.

Here's some things keeping me inspired in these days of waiting and longing:
Check out the gorgeous images in the bookbinding catagory.

This sums me up nicely.

And I've become addicted to Pinterest.