Friday, May 6, 2011

Another Donation Piece

Here's another donation piece. I don't know what's gotten into me to create these three dimensional weird things. Maybe a need to create "sustenance"...something more tactile than a painting.

Maybe it's knowing that these creations are going to be leaving the house soon. I hang my pictures around the house more as a way to store them than anything else and creating something that needs to be stored in a more secure or...."displayed" in a more "safe" way isn't practical for me.

Maybe that's way I never tried other art forms, paintings are generally easy to do and store, but larger more demanding pieces like sculpture or pottery or any of the myriad art forms demanding space are harder for me simply because I lack the space and funds. Not that I wouldn't try them I would but if you've ever done anything creative you know there's always a set-up costs, supply costs, storage costs......costs, costs, costs. Painting seemed easier and cheaper.

But I do like to experiment and these past two "sculpted paintings" cost nothing to make. I already had everything I needed.

So, there you go....

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Donation Piece for Tornado Benefit

On April 27th Alabama was hit by several tornadoes resulting in the deaths of hundreds and the destruction of whole towns and neighborhoods. The outpouring of love and assistance has truly been amazing.
I've decided that the way I can help (being at the moment physically unable to do much grunt work) is to share and pass along info through internet means, pray for the victims and create art to donate to a local gallery that is having a benefit auction for the victims. This gallery also held an auction to benefit the Gulf Coast Oil spill which I also donated work for.

This piece is something completely new and different for me. It's mixed media with a anatomical heart cut from board and applied to painted canvas. Then I wove copper wire through and around the heart suggesting the rays of traditional sacred hearts. I really enjoyed making this getting to work with my hands to create a more sculptural piece was very pleasing and calming. In fact, I may do more like this.

I also created another piece that tore that incorporated sewing onto the canvas. I'll share that one later.

I've felt very helpless when it has come to helping these people--limited funds and unable to physically help, so when the chance came to donate to raise money I was thrilled to accept.

So, what do you guys think of this new work? And if you are in the Alabama area and want more info about the auction and how to help, just drop me a comment. The auction will be held on May 27th.