Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sketchy Goldilocks

Whoops, someone got caught. This was a quick sketch, finished rather quickly. It's almost a shame to have all these sketchbooks filled with images that may never see paint or light of day...but I suppose every artist/writer/musician/whatever has those works which need to be gotten out of the way so greater, more refined works can get on paper, is really what it is...but you have to do it, let yourself play, make mistakes, figure things out, allow yourself to make "bad"'s all part of the process, sometimes painful, but what birth isn't. I know what I'm saying isn't groundbreaking or all that original, but sometimes we have to hear ourselves say or think something in order to believe it...own it to believe it....make the world your own.....and play on paper while your at it.........

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