Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Here are a few wonderful surprises...In our forays into Priceville, Al (to support my Dad in his horse class trials) Jacob and I wandered into what a first appeared to be a very frightening used bookstore....well appearances were indeed deceiving, because this little bookstore proved to be a treasure trove of sorts. The top pictures are of the Charles De Lint book that I found...first edition, signed and numbered! (got to get that sticker residue off though!) I also found The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury (a rare title) and several other treasures. Jacob found several prizes of his own....so all in all, a very rewarding endeavor.

Also in this post are pictures of my newly constructed book sewing frame (with a project on it).
This was made by dear Jacob (assisted haphazardly by yours truly) So, very soon there'll be all sorts of new book projects to show.



philyra said...

I love little bookstores like that! What was the name of that bookstore? I'de love to check it out sometime!

Creative Verbiage said...

You have a book sewing frame. You are too cool. I hope to have a cool setup like yours when I get my own house. I yearn to be crafty again! Sorry for the late response, I didn't even know you had a blog!

Creative Verbiage said...

O it is Terica btw hehe.