Monday, October 11, 2010

Girl, what you got goin' on--Art Process

Here is a process from sketching to painting. I started the sketching in the car on a return trip back from Huntsville. Most of my sketches start this way...random moments in time, images recorded while waiting, riding, relaxing before bed.

I have tons of sketchbooks and journals. I keep one or two with me always stuffed in my oversized purse sizes are always judged by how many books it can hold...anyway, I draw, sketch, record notes nearly constantly and then dig back through the layers for inspiration, paintings, and laughs.

I couldn't live without my sketchbooks and journals. When I was a kid if I went to my parents to someone's house and they didn't have books or paper I was appalled. What kind of people are they? No paper, no books! I quickly learned to carry my own. It's a quirk that I won't apologize for...and my husband will just have to get used to my huge, heavy book filled purse. After all, I have to carry his books, too! :)

And you can buy this original painting here. So, go on have a look....

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