Tuesday, March 8, 2011

100 Followers! Giveaway Time!

But first...Have a look at my newest creations: Storybook Pendants! These pendants are created using vintage books. They are cut from book covers, sanded, reinforced with a grommet and sealed. They are also painted if it's a blank. What do you guys think? I'll be listing them over at Etsy soon!


Since I now have 100 blog followers I'll be doing an art giveaway! My plan is to have several options to choose from...so, what would you like to see offered? Once I get your ideas I'll decide what to offer for the giveaway and post the options later this week! So, let me know what you'd like to see and check back later to participate! And feel free to share this info!

This will be my first giveaway and I want it to be a good one! So let folks know! If you've never participated in one, here's how I'll do it....

1. Show the options for the giveway....possibly prints, handmade book or Storybook pendant
2. Ask for comments!--This is how you participate, follow my blog, leave a comment and hope to be chosen!
3. Use a random number/name generator to pick a winner!
4. Let the winner know, get their mailing info and send them their prize!

Sounds like fun! I hope I get many people playing! Yippee!


Creative Verbiage said...

The pendants are awesome Hilary! I wish I were a crafty genius like you!

Mike said...

Hey..this is Mike, from The Land of Knot...and a HUGE fan of all of your work! Those pendants are beyond *wonderful*!!! As an avid crazed book fan...it's such a great idea! I love using books for so many things beyond reading. I'm so honored to know such a wonderful a creative person such as you. <3

Cody said...

I love your art prints, especially the paradise bird one! The colors are just awesome! I will for sure be participating. What are the dates of the giveaway?

Hilary Blackwood said...

Wow guys thanks for your comments and interest.

Cody: I'll probably schedule the giveaway for this Thurs or Fri!

Mike: I also sell used books and when I come across those that aren't worth it to sell or are damaged in some way, I give them new life in art. I can't stand to throw something that someone put love and energy into and it gets it out of the landfill...double whammy goodness. And thank you for your super sweet comments!

Sherry said...

Those are great Hilary! But, I would expect nothing less....

mirsini's creations said...

Hi! I really like your pendants and the idea of recycling the damaged books with such a creative way! This is sooo cool! I also love your paintings! And for sure i would like to participate in your giveaway! I will stay tuned!
Thank you and if you like come a visit to my blog!

A Magical Whimsy said...

Hi, Hilary
I didn't know if I had told you my brother is a children's book illustrator, but he is in New York both yesterday and today at the oldest book store in New York signing copies of his book 'The Dragon of Cripple Creek' by Troy Howell, which can be viewed and a few pages of the first chapter can be read on Amazon books.
This is Teresa again who has the 'tree' journal you had on Etsy.
Darn! I missed your Giveaway. Oh, well.
Have a lovely week, and I am thinking of you after your one comment about something that is happening with you or just recently found out about something in your life. I will wait and come back and read what you post about it.
Take care,
Teresa in California