Friday, November 7, 2008

First Friday!

Well, tonight is First Friday and yours truly will be there trying to peddle her goods.

Wish me luck!


chady said...

HEy, just stoping by, to drop ya a line,, ITs the guy that purchashed one of your paintings at first friday. I was wondering if you personally paint for people, as in take suggestions and what not... Im a writer, and by no means a "GOOd" drawer or painter, so any ideas i have usually comes out looking like rubbish. I have a few cool "visions/ ideals", and my friend that i used to get to paint things for me went to college in Texas,,i would be happy to pay any price.:)"well not any". SO if you can just message me back here or on. ChAdY MiC ChAdStEr on myspace.. thanks and all the best to ya.

Hilary said...

Hey Chady....I've posted my email on the main page so just email me some of your ideas and we can discuss it....Thanks again for your support.

A. Price said...

I really like this one!! You did a great job on the detail. And I really like the little swirlies/circles. There's just a hint of them instead of making them the focus...very nice.