Sunday, June 7, 2009


My it's been busy....a little glimpse of life in the past few weeks...

  • painting
  • Gutenberg press demonstrations (as shown)
  • bookmaking
  • traveling all over Alabama (Horton, Guntersville, B'ham, Asbury in one week)
  • spring cleaning
  • concert going (Flying Monkeys Cigar Box Festival and Pawsapoolza--Buddy made front page in the newspaper!)
  • movie going (Star Trek...very good, I love you, man...okay, UP......Wonderful!)
  • finishing up a 900+ page novel
  • working (getting ready for a plethora of summer camps)
  • performing Shakespeare for school kiddos
  • gardening
  • life in general
So much to do and so little time....I'll try to be more forthcoming in the next few weeks.....lots of stuff to show! Paintings are going in a new and fascinating direction.....for me anyways.... But I'm having fun and I hope everyone else is too!

1 comment:

chickory said...

youve reminded me of how much i loved to make books. i like accordion books best cause they can stand up like one long drawing...

gardening! well, i am on my first real vegetable garden. so far, so good. im really having fun with it.