Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Before and After the Storm...

Outside the thunder is grumbling...warning us to stay inside because it's about to lose it's temper in an outpouring of tears.

I love thunderstorms. The grumbly clouds, frantic lightening, and gray sheets of water playing the xylophone on the roof.

Right now, we're between storms and I scooted outside to let the dogs get their feets wet and to take some photos of my newest painting (last photo). This painting was inspired by our newest pup edition, Mary. Read about her HERE.

While me and the dogs were out I found fungus growing on a fallen tree limb--victim from a previous storm, we have about 6 pecan trees in the back and lose a ton of branches in a storm---and a tree full of wet leaves and dark berries.

I'll be working in the shop today (the above painting is now available as a print--HERE, painting, listening to Pandora (R.L. Burnside Goin' Down South is on now!), and enjoying the thundering arrival of April showers!

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considerthelillies said...

I am hearing the rumble from the skies now too! Your painting is great! It is good to see that you are creating more and more art! Hope all is well with you!