Friday, July 29, 2011

A Passel of Babies....

Here's a batch of babies I've been hard at work on. I'm participating in a Etsy team show tomorrow in Huntsville (see previous post for link) and these are some new items I'll have available. Whatever is left after the show will go live in my Etsy shop until a new owners comes to claim them. I've really enjoyed making these to the point of going overboard with them. I have about 4 more to finish, hopefully in time for Saturday.

I grew up with my mom making dolls and generally being crafty around the house...I get a lot of my craftiness/artiness from her. Her father was also an artist and my dad's mother is an artist, so I suppose I can't help being an arty/crafty person myself. I get it from all sides. And I suppose, my little one will probably be artsy too....what with me as a mother and a father who writes and builds instruments. I guess I'll see soon enough!


Thilda said...

Hello Hilary,
I like your Babies and de wonderfull colors that you use in everithing you make.
I wich you lots of fun!
Thilda from Belgium

A Magical Whimsy said...

Hi, Hilary
You sure do look as though you are having fun creating the Passel of Babies.
I still have your lovely journals I purchased from you in your etsy shop.
They are exceptionally made and I cherish them. I love the Stampington publication 'Stuffed'.
Have a lovely Friday and weekend!
Teresa in California