Monday, September 7, 2009

Bat, Beagle and Few Other Things...

So, if I've been quiet lately, it's because I've decided to hide from the world a little bit. I think it's necessary to hide occasionally, but that doesn't mean that I've done nothing. Quite the contrary. For instance, Friday I had another wonderful opportunity to have lunch with Mr. Peter S. Beagle before hearing him speak and read aloud at our local library. I also took the chance to show Mr. Beagle the working reproduction at the museum where I work and let him try his hand at printing. It was wonderful and as always Mr. Beagle was delightful!

Later, Friday night I set up shop in the museum for the city's monthly First Friday and peddled my wares. I also found a tiny, adorable bat that proved to be somewhat wary of motorcycles.

Saturday found me thrifting with my friend Nicole and scoring a load of books and fabric.

Sunday found me celebrating a family birthday and Monday found me sewing and painting and generally creating and getting ready for an weekend art show with my friend Sherry.

I also have seemed to have used all my links!

So, now I go to hide again and prepare for the return to work tomorrow.....until later.....Have a wonderful week!

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