Thursday, September 17, 2009

Do people even do this anymore?

So, I have a (I refuse to call it a problem!) I have entirely too much vintage paper ephemera. Now.... most of this comes from two huge scrapbooks where someone has diligently cut magazine clippings, greeting cards and all sorts of pictures from various sources. Some of it has come from various yard sale finds. Talk about recycling!

I love going through and picking out images that are making a come back today. But what to do with all this treasure? I'm thinking of creating mixed media books that incorporate some of these images, framing some, etc.... but there'll be no way for me to use them all. And their wonderful! Do you think they would sell in packets on Etsy in the vintage category? Any other suggestions?

I've got tons of this stuff......and if you see anything in particular that you like and would like to get or are wondering if I have any particular images, just let me know and we'll go from there....of course some of the images shown are mine, all mine....hahahaha!


Anonymous said...

OMG! Pack would sell well on Etsy. I am sitting here in paper envoy looking at all of that lovely paper. Sell it I say!

Bee said...

That above comment was me, I don't know why Typepad is messing with my profile name. *sigh* I look like a spammer!

Carol............. said...

What many to crate so many more creations with!

Taylor said...

I found your art on Etsy and thought it was so interesting. These collections might do well to spice up the mix. Just my 2 cents.

Taylor Tengelsen

Elizabeth said...

I have tons of this stuff, too, Hilary! Brown envelopes organized by theme, full of things from the last 50 years or so. All from within my family and friends. I love to dump them out and look at them, and always want to save them for the perfect project!