Monday, February 7, 2011

Affinity for Tin

This weekend I finally got around to doing something I've always wanted to...making tin ornaments and charms. I love Mexican folk art...milagros, nichos, tin ornaments. I've also wanted a way to add to my original folk paintings and I thought this could be a neat way to combine different things I like. So, still playing around and seeing what I can do!

And another good thing....the tin ornaments are recycled cans! Double whammy goodness!

Also, I recently created a facebook page for my art and where I've got different links to my online stores!

So, go "like" my page and get updates on store updates, blogs, etc.

Also, don't forget 100 followers...Giveaway! I'll probably have different items to choose from so suggest away!

What do you think of my new tin ornaments? Any thoughts, suggestions, as to other ways to use them? Have any tips on how to make them? Let me know!

Thanks for looking~Stay warm!


Jenny said...

Really like the beaded eye! How do you make the edges non-lethal?

Hilary Blackwood said...

Jenny--Thanks for looking! I used a heavy grit sandpaper and sand around the edges moving in one direction. I test on my finger tip(eek!--probably shouldn't)and keep sanding until it feels smooth. I also try to make clean cuts without a lot of jagged edges. I don't sand the top and bottom of the edges seems like that would just make it just the edge perpendicular.