Thursday, August 27, 2009

Have you seen the Muffin Man, the Muffin Man, the Muffin Man!

New things are on the horizon and here are some things that have been hiding about the house. The first picture is a Luna softie that I made and it's hanging from a hobo statue I scored for Jacob. You can also see in the background one of my Halloween decorations that stay out year round. I having quite a growing collection of Halloween beasties. The next photo is of a bag that I got for a dollar at the World's Longest Yard Sale. It carried all of my treasures for the day, including my half of the two matching Virgin Mary's that my friend and I got. Lastly, these are some things I've been working on...

But now, new things coming. A wonderful storm blew around today, bringing thunder and lightening and a promise of fall. Fall is my absolute-lest favorite time of the year. I feel a twitching and promises and wishes and dreams coming true. I also have delightful books awaiting me. Some of you may remember when I got Ray Bradbury's The Halloween Tree, well, I've been saving it for now!

Also, in book related news....Last year I attended one of our local library's author night's and met Peter S. Beagle. We had a showing of The Last Unicorn, well I'd been saving a seat for Jacob when it was taken instead by Mr. Beagle. I loved that movie as a child often singing along and reciting the lines, and here I was watching the movie sitting beside the man who created it....oh my, and I had to fight reciting the lines while sitting there. I told him my favorite part was the butterfly and he told me it was supposed to be him! One, Two, Three O'Lairy! Last year, I made the mistake of not getting a photograph with Mr. Beagle well, I intend to remedy that this year because he's coming back to the library on Sept. 3rd!!!! Yeah!

It's you and me moth, hand to hand to hand to hand.........

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