Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mo' Memphis

So, what did we do while we were there?

Stay: The Peabody and yes we saw the freaking ducks. Wonderful hotel and bit of a splurge.

King's Palace Cafe----good, I ate BBQ, Jacob ate a muffaletta
Silky O'Sullivan's-----boo, Six Pence in Savannah is SO much better.
And a restaurant in the Peabody where Jacob wore suspenders.

What we saw:
Sun Studio
Rock and Soul Museum

Beale St:
Tater Red's---loved this place!
A. Schwab's----bought a voodoo doll!
various other shops up and down Beale

Pembroke Square:
Center for Folk Art---wonderful
Tin Alley Arts
and other art gallerys and shops
and rode the trolley up Main St. and found a wonderful Folk music shop whose two employees were wonderfully helpful! And lead us to great non-touristy stuff.

Outside Downtown:
Xanadu Books-----home to Johnny Lowebow--creator of the Lowebow cigar box guitar
Burke's Bookstore----we holed up here during the tornado that passed through
Goner Records

It was a great trip! We also accidentally crossed the river and ended up in Arkansas. We stayed about two minutes! But hey, I can say I've been to Arkansas....hahaha!


Jo said...

thats so cool you bought a voo-doo doll
who are you going to use that on

Kate8085 said...

I love, love, love Sun Studios!
And oh the food...

Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderful and it's great to splurge once in a while--love the ducks in the elevator hee hee! :)