Monday, August 10, 2009

New Dolls and New Swag

The first two pictures are new creations to come from the Black Woods factory and the last two are swag from the World's Longest Yard Sale or as I also like to call it.....World's Greatest Example of
Collective Human Insanity/Barbie Doll Arm Extravaganza. But my friend Nicole made it so much better (even it she didn't find a creepy doll), not to mention we now having matching Virgin Mary's and really how often does that happen. And now that I think of it....two semi matching Hobos from Japan as well. I also scored a plethora of vintage felt, decoupage stickers and paper ephemera, embroidery patches, caravan charms and wooden planks to paint and an excellent craft book. Rock on!

So, tell me what you think of my new little beasties. I told you I had a devil in the workings!


SleightGirl said...

Great stuff! I'm just loving the devil, and those hobos are so cute!

MyStyles said...

Very cute!!! :)

wishwithme said...

great imagination :D

Kate8085 said...

I absolutely love your dolls!
And those clowns are creeping me the hell out. hahahha.

Felt-o-rama said...

Thanks for saying hello at my blog! I'm thrilled to discover yours, too! I love your creations and the creepy sad hobos are hilarious. I'm glad you have Mary to balance out their evil vibes :D