Thursday, May 31, 2012

Eclectic be it.

Here's the finished Invitation to Enter and two new paintings I recently did. Eclectic art at its best. I'm getting back to making art as play. The enjoyment of making marks on paper, learning how the paint works, blends and creates new sensations.

I'm also working on feeling okay with doing this. Relating to my previous post I'm still trying to work through issues with art making. I'm learning to be alright with the fact that my art is all over the place, that I am a "jack-of-all-art-trades". I think this fact comes from the feeling that I love to learn, to try new things, have lots of different projects going on, and play in the process.

This goes against my more "rational" brain telling me to focus, to concentrate on one thing, one style, one type of thing....and I can't. And the fact that I can't drives me crazy, makes me think that I'm "wrong" in some way. That I'll never be successful if I try to do everything. But I'm trying to claim my magpie status in painting. It's said that until you learn a lesson, you'll have to review it over and over again until you do "get" it. I suppose this is my lesson. Allow myself to be random, flowing, fluid and....eclectic....and don't worry about it.

Thinking in this way lights the "passion" fire. Makes me happy again. It gives me back my art.  It frees my thinking and spirit and allows me to accept my art...however and whatever it is.

Sewing, bookbinding, painting-acrylic, mixed media, folk art, "spiritual/sacred", abstract, journaling, stamp carving, screen printing, embroidery, and on and on the list goes.....multi-faceted, eclectic, mish-mash artist at large....that's me.....

Do you or anyone you know also deal with this? Do you have any advice or comments, read any books that deal with this? Please, feel free to discuss, etc. I look forward to what you have to say! Thanks for reading!

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