Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hello Wonderful People!

This weekend I'll be at a local show in Gadsden called Gadabout Art. These are some of the new things I've put together. Hopefully, it will be a good weekend with Mother's Day on Sunday. If you're in Gadsden or the general area, please do stop by and say hello!

The two bottom paintings are what I'm calling "books". They are Artists Trading Cards that have been "bound" with fabric and an outside covering and then I painted the illustrations.

I looovvveee old diptychs and personal icons that you can carry especially if they are worn and well-loved. I plan to make more of these maybe incorporating metal. This is why I also paint the wooden "tiles" that end up in my Etsy shop. I love the look of art that has life and memories and could tell you stories of things that have happened.  Like these:

In other adventures....I have to make a art display of some sort....I'm trying to make a more professional looking set up rather than the um.....yardsell....look I have going on now. I'll get pics and maybe some directions on the one my husband and I put together.

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