Friday, January 7, 2011

Illustration Friday Submission

Topic: Deja-Vu

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chickory said...

sweet conjunction of bluebirds! I have so many at my suet feeder this winter. Its a blessing.

You asked about the printer?

I use an Epson 2200. Im sure its been replaced by now with a newer model - i think the new ones have 8 ink cartridges and mine only has 6.

I love it. It makes a gorgeous print. Its starting to act up now though -it wont feed paper so i have to help it which makes formatting problems sometimes. You have to use epson paper - i know some people say you can use others but it never worked out for me. I will be looking for a new printer soon - but they are MUY expensive.

Good Luck! Stay in touch and lemme know what you choose