Friday, January 14, 2011

Mixed Media Book

This is a mixed media book that I made awhile back and never posted on here.

One of my goals this year is to get more of my work out there...submitting to magazines, participating in challenges, etc. This will be my first sharing submission to a magazine for mixed media.

This book was created using realllly thin wood, hinged together with gauze medical tape and then each page was created by either painting, stamping or using collage. Since it kinda bows out, blue yarn holds it shut.

What do you guys think? What are your plans for the upcoming year?


Jackie said...

Beautiful book. I will have to give myself the same goal for this yerar. i have so many things I have worked on andf I never seem to get pictures taken. I look forward to seeing mor of your work this year too :)

Hilary Blackwood said...

Thanks for looking Jackie! Good luck with your goals!