Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Directions

This is a painting I did for an artist friend for her studio. This painting is in a lot a ways a new direction for me as well. I find myself moving in new directions and we sometimes need a little help or support as we travel along. I tried to give thought to those fears and challenges with this painting. Probably the first thing you noticed is that the woman symbolizing Painting or Art is blindfolded...I have several reasons for this, but mostly because there should be no judgment in creating art.

I remember as a child and teenager creating art only to destroy it later for not being good enough. If my mom ever caught me she wouldn't let me throw anything away and probably dug some art out of the trash. Why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we judge others when they make an effort? Yeah, it might not be the next greatest piece of art, but who cares, it's a creation, a work of heart and love that someone, whether they realize it or not, spent love and effort bringing forth. Why do we try to destroy the beauty in our lives?

A sidenote: I still struggle with accepting my art and the desire to destroy it sometimes. Just last night I worked on a painting (still working on it) and had to fight the urge to throw it outside in the rain....funny thing, my husband Jacob refuses to let me paint over or destroy something I've made...I have a painting that I don't particularly like and want to reuse the canvas but he won't let me...he says he'd rather buy me a new canvas than let me paint over it...

There are other symbols, the hand of Fatima, the lotus, the doorway---all things that symbolize movement, luck, protection and faith. Things we all need to get by some days.

So, when I painted this...I did it with love, with the knowledge that I was painting it for a friend, to bring her happiness and maybe luck. And even though you may not have a painting of mine, I hope and pray the same for you....whoever you are.

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